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Code of Conduct

Storm FC Code of Conduct

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Everyone involved in sports – from parents and spectators to athletes, officials and coaches can and should lead by example. The easiest way to do this is to respect the written and unwritten rules of the game.


As a coach you are a role model and leader and have significant impact on your athlete’s attitudes. Coaches set an example for their players by practicing co-operation, self-discipline and respect for officials and opponents.

  1. Set an example of control and consistency with the players and parents.
  2. Respect the Laws of the game.
  3. Discourage intentional rough or violent play or foul language.
  4. Respect the referee’s decisions. Do not ridicule, show disrespect or yell at the referees. Referee abuse is not an acceptable behavior.
  5. Never ridicule or yell at players for making mistakes or for performing poorly. Players play to have fun and must be encouraged to
    have confidence in themselves.
  6. Be generous with praise and set a good example. Participants need a coach they can respect.
  7. Obtain proper training and upgrade coaching skills and knowledge of the game.
  8. Be on time and prepared for games and practices.
  9. Win and lose with both grace and dignity.
  10. Communicate your plans/expectations to players and parents.


Parents are encouraged to participate as supporters and assistants. Positive support of the players (and coaches) is welcome and appreciated. Open criticism of players, coaches or officials should be avoided; it has the effect of lowering morale, and fostering negative attitudes and behavior on the part of players.

  1. Remember children play for their enjoyment, not yours.
  2. Encourage your child to play by the rules of the game.
  3. Show your appreciation of volunteer coaches and officials.
  4. Never ridicule or yell at any child for making a mistake or losing a game.
  5. Turn defeat into victory by emphasizing the value of honest effort, skill improvement and fair play.
  6. As spectators, applaud all good plays, both for your team and your opponents.
  7. Actions speak louder than words. Make sure your behavior sets a good example.
  8. Support all efforts to remove violence from children’s sport.
  9. Referee abuse is not an acceptable behavior.


Players should recognize that they are part of a team; they share in its successes and failures. Fair play and co-operation is to be encouraged at all times.

  1. Play for your own enjoyment, not just to please your parents, teachers or coaches.
  2. Control your temper – fighting and “mouthing off” spoil the game for everybody.
  3. Co-operate with your teammates and opponents for without them you don’t have a game.
  4. Play by the rules
  5. Work equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team’s performance will benefit and so will your own.
  6. Winning is only part of it. Having fun, improving skills, making friends and doing your best are also important.
  7. Cheer all good plays, both for your team and the opponents.
  8. Remember that coaches and officials are there to help you.
  9. Referee abuse is not an acceptable behavior.
  10. Give your best effort all the time be it practice or game situations.

This Code of Conduct should be supplemented with a high degree of common sense and keeping the best interests of the players and the game in mind. Please read this Code of Conduct and embrace its content and spirit. Violation of the guidelines may result in disciplinary actions that could include, but are not limited to; verbal and/or written warnings; and in extreme circumstances coach, parental or player suspensions.