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OMSC Discipline Policies


The OMSC has so few incidents requiring hearings that the club does not have regularly scheduled hearing dates. Accordingly, the OMSC has adopted the Discipline by Review System (DBR) as described in the Ontario Soccer Association Policies under Section 8.0 Discipline. The fundamental basis of the DBR system is that there are no hearings before a discipline panel for certain types of misconduct. The penalties (suspensions) are set out in the OSA policies and are automatic.

The OMSC uses Discipline by Review for all player misconducts that can be administered by DBR. The specific offences that fall under DBR are shown on the table below.

The policy of the Club is to review incidents within a week of receiving referee reports of Special Incidents or Dismissals. Because there are rarely multiple incidents to consider the review of the incident is done by the OMSC Discipline Chair and one other panel member via Email and telephone.

No appeal of DBR

Decisions made under DBR may not be appealed to OMSC.

Requesting a hearing for a DBR Incident
(For example, players dismissed from a game.)

A Hearing may be held for misconducts or special incidents that fall under DBR provided that a request for a hearing is made in writing and received by the Club within THREE DAYS of the occurrence of the offence. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. A written request for hearing shall be submitted within three days of the offence/dismissal.
  2. The written request shall be in the form of a “Request For A Hearing”. A $25.00 “request for hearing” fee must accompany the hearing request. (The “Request for Hearing Fee” shall be returned only if the accused is found not guilty of the charge by the Discipline Hearing Panel.)
  3. The entire discipline case is then referred to a hearing.

A “Discipline Hearing Administrative Fee” of $25.00 shall also be payable at the time of the Discipline Hearing. This is in addition to the Request for Hearing fee. The Discipline Hearing Administrative Fee is not refunded, regardless of the outcome of the hearing.

Hearings are held for all team staff misconducts and other special incidents
Hearings are scheduled for Special Incidents and misconducts/offences relating to coaching staff, parents, and spectators. These hearings are arranged in accordance with the published OSA procedures, including proper notice.

DBR Procedures:

  • The Discipline Review Panel reviews the information provided on the game sheet, and if the information is sufficient the mandatory suspension (as listed in the published OSA rules) shall be imposed.
  • The Discipline Review Panel may, at its own discretion, upon completion of its review of the information provided, decide that more serious or additional charges are required. This will result in the referral to the Discipline by Hearing system.
  • When the decision has been made, it shall be communicated to the player and the club and shall include the specifics of the suspension (dates or games).
  • A copy of the details of the suspension will be forwarded to all relevent parties (ie. coach, player, etc.)

Types of Misconduct for DBR:
As set out in Section 8.0 Discipline, Policy 6.0 of the OSA Policies, the following are the types of misconduct for which discipline may be rendered in accordance with the DBR system. These are abstracted from the OSA policies. In case of discrepancy between these abstractions and the OSA published policies, the OSA published policies shall be deemed to be correct. For all other types of misconduct, the Discipline by Hearing system is mandatory.


Player Misconducts That Apply To DBR

1.3Third caution in a season1 game
1.5Fifth caution in a season2 games
1.6Sixth caution in a season3 games
1.13Two cautions in a game, neither for actions
directed against game officials
1 game – 1st in a season
3 games – 2nd in season
1.14Two cautions in a game, at least one for
actions directed against game officials
2 games – 1st in season
4 games – 2nd in season
8 games – 3rd in season
1.15Dismissed for language or gestures not
directed at game officials
1 game – 1st in a season
3 games – 2nd in season
1.16Dismissed for language or gestures directed
at game officials
3 games – 1st in season
8 games – 2nd in season
3 months – 3rd in season
1.17Dismissed for denying a goal with a hand ball1 game – 1st in a season
2 games – 2nd in season
1.18Dismissed for denying a goal by an offense
punishable by a free or penalty kick
2 games – 1st in a season
4 games – 2nd in season
1.19Dismissed for serious foul play2 games – 1st in a season
4 games – 2nd in season
1.20Dismissed for spitting at someone other than
a game official
4 games – 1st in a season
8 games – 2nd in season
1.21Dismissed for violent conduct3 games – 1st in a season
6 games – 2nd in season

Team Staff, Coaches, And Administrators

2.31/3.31Persisting in misconduct after receiving a
warning for misconduct for which neither was
directed towards a game official
1 week – 1st in a season
3 weeks – 2nd in season
6 weeks – 3rd in season
2.32/3.32Persisting in misconduct after receiving a
warning for misconduct for which one was
directed towards a game official
2 weeks – 1st in a season
5 weeks – 2nd in season
10 weeks – 3rd in season
2.33/3.33Use of offensive, abusive or insulting language,
directed at anyone other than a game official
2 weeks – 1st in a season
5 weeks – 2nd in season
10 weeks – 3rd in season